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Sloughi Dog Breed Information

Originally from North Africa, the Sloughi, an ancient sighthound with a classical build, was developed to hunt wildlife including hares, foxes, jackals, gazelles, and feral pigs in its harsh native environment. This hound is slender and unadorned, ranging 24 to 29 inches at the shoulder. The Sloughi is a single-person or single-family dog breed that is affable to its owners but distant from outsiders. Their tenacious disposition can make them too much of a handful for novice dog owners as it does with many hounds. 

The Sloughi is an active dog that tends to maintain its composure when not moving. The disposition of this breed tends to be quiet, and they choose the path of independence rather than getting involved in every aspect of household life.

The fact that Sloughi Dog Breed are short-haired dogs means that they only need the bare minimum of grooming. It is important to note that the Sloughi Dog Breed has tremendous energy, so they require a lot of exercises to stay healthy and happy.

This dog will make a fantastic, devoted companion, though, if a pet owner can maintain pace with him.

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