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Otterhound dog breed information

The Otterhound dog breed is native to England and was bred as a hunting dog, specifically to hunt otters, hence the name. They are built for work, with a powerful sense of smell and excellent stamina levels. It is an uncommon dog breed that is now primarily used as family companions. Otterhound dog breed is a friendly and affectionate dog breed, especially with their family members. They love being around kids and get along well with other pets present in the household.
Other important Otterhound dog breed facts to know: The dogs from this breed can easily reach 24 to 27 inches in height, which certainly makes them unsuitable for apartment dwellings. They are very easy to handle, which certainly makes them a good option for novice pet owners. They do need regular exercise because of their high energy levels, and one needs to keep an eye on them, especially on walks, as they have higher-than-average wanderlust potential. They are also playful and would love to engage in one activity or another. The dogs of the Otterhound dog breed have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Now, get the Otterhound dog breed to have a fun time with it.
Affenpinscher Dog.

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