Brittany Dog Breed Information

Check out the Brittany Dog Breed Information

The hyperactive dog, Brittany dog breed is a perfect choice for someone, who is looking for a family-friendly pet. The Brittany dog is happy and has the energy to spare. Since these dogs are not too big to stay in the house, they are good to travel with as well. The versatile breed, Brittany dogs also have a passion for hunting. Due to the high energy level, Brittany is not for everyone. However, the high level of enthusiasm makes it an ideal choice for someone, who is looking for an active furry friend. Of course, they require plenty of exercise every day.

Brittany dog breed profile clearly states that it has friendly nature. This means that this breed is good for families with kids. This dog also needs an hour of intensive exercise daily. They have medium length and appealing orange and white color. The grooming needs are moderate for this breed. In appearance, they are leggy. Sometimes, they can go restless. Adopting them is indeed a good choice if one can take care of their everyday needs. These utility gun dogs need socialization. So, check out the information about this breed and bring a friend home.

Brittany Breed Information

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