Chinese Crested Dog Breed Information

Chinese Crested Dog breed Information

The friendly little lap dog, the Chinese Crested dog is an excellent choice for apartment life. The height of this breed is 11-13 inches and its weight is 8-12 pounds. Their lifespan is 13 to 18 years. The Chinese Crested dog breed is an ideal choice for you if you have children, seniors, and other pets at home. The temperament of the dog is friendly, outgoing, and playful. Medium intelligence can make them a decent choice. They are generally calm and available in a tricolor pattern. This breed is easy to train and groom.
The apartment-friendly pet, Chinese Crested dogs will feature a double coat of long and fine hair. The coats can get quite long if left untrimmed. One should check Chinese Crested Dog Information thoroughly when adopting a pet. They can be hairless or powder puff. The marvelous lapdog, Chinese crested requires less exercise. If you have a small living space, you can opt for this breed. They are friendly and playful dogs. One should brush their hair daily to keep hair tangle-free and easy to maintain. Now, adopt this pet and let its noteworthy appearance make you fall in love.
Chinese Crested Breed Information

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