Briard dog breed information

Briard dog breed information

Briard dog breed has a distinct look to them, making them easily stand out. The dogs of this breed have a long, shabby coat over their body, which certainly helps them during cold weather conditions. Bred in France as a herding dog, this breed is highly affectionate to what they consider family, while at the same time, they can be pretty aloof to strangers as well.

The dogs of this breed are bold-spirited, which, together with their keen intelligence and hardworking nature, made them highly useful during the Great War. They served as working dogs and were used as messengers and ammo carriers. Now, they are mainly used as family dogs, which certainly suits the Briard dog breed profile. They are obedient and love being around young kids, which can be attributed to their guarding nature. They are also comfortable in all weather conditions and even have no problem in apartment dwellings. However, they do require plenty of exercises as well as training. They also love to wander while on a walk, so one needs to keep a keen eye on them. People can adopt them into the family if train them carefully.

Briard breed information

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