Border Collie Dog breed information

Border Collie Dog breed information

Border Collie Dog breed was bred in The British Isles as herders that could keep an eye on the cattle, especially sheep, in the hilly area. This is something they do to this day. They have an intense look, which is quite helpful in controlling the flock. This breed is highly energetic and has an incredible working drive, which makes them prime herding dogs.

Other characteristics that should be noted in the Border Collie Dog breed profile are that they possess higher than average intelligence and ease of trainability. It is this trainability that has made them quite popular in competitions as well. These dogs are pretty sensitive and affectionate with their family members. However, they can be aloof with other pets in the house. They also dislike city apartments much as they prefer open spaces to run into. However, this can be sorted out with plenty of exercise and mental and physical stimulation to keep the dog from this breed healthy and fit. These dogs will outsmart their owner from time to time and will keep them on their toes. So, make sure to learn about them before you get them home.

Border Collie breed information

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