English Cocker Spaniels information

English Cocker Spaniel breed was originally bred as hunting dogs, mainly to hunt woodcock in England. They have also been used for tracking other types of birds over the years. It is a medium-sized dog breed with a distinct appearance that makes it stand out. The dogs of this breed always have a happy disposition, something that is only complimented by the long ears they possess. It is a highly energetic breed that requires plenty of exercises – something one needs to keep in mind before one adopts it.

It is a versatile dog breed that would quickly adjust to living in an apartment without any issues. Another English Cocker Spaniels dog breed facts everyone should know about is their need for constant companionship. English Cocker Spaniel breed does not like to be alone, and it would not hesitate to make its owners aware of this. It is a very friendly breed – with family, other pets in the household, and even strangers it considers non-threatening. They also quickly adapt to living in an apartment in urban centers. You can look for details about different breeds and get a furry pet.

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