American Water Spaniel dog breed information

American Water Spaniel dog information

American Water Spaniel dog information, the breed was originally bred to be a hunting dog breed, an all-around hunting breed. Their specialty lies in waterfowl, as these are still effective swimmers, and their pups would take almost no time to get the hang of how to swim. An American Water Spaniel dog profile also has a water-resistant double coat, which is also beneficial to them.

The chase and retrieve game is specially designed for them as they would love nothing more to be part of such an activity. So as one can imagine, they do love their space and high-energy activity, which certainly makes them a poor choice for one living in an apartment in the city. The dogs American Water Spaniel breed is affectionate to family members and is also kids-friendly. So, one can leave their kids to play with them without any worry. They are also easy to train; however, they hate being alone. They demand constant companionship, and hence one would be required to hire a dog walker and pet sitter when they are in their office. It would be best if one opts for an American Water Spaniel dog as a family dog.

American Water Spaniel breed information

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