Australian Cattle Dog breed information

Australian Cattle Dog breed information

The Australian Cattle Dog breed is an extremely intelligent and active dog breed that certainly makes for an excellent companion for family folks. This breed originated in Australia and is evident by its name as a herd animal. They have been used for centuries by dairy farmers to take care of their cattle and ensure that their livestock stays in one place. As one might assume, these dogs are pretty active and would love to participate in engaging activities.

Australian Cattle Dog is also protectiveness of their family and also extremely cautious of outsiders. They do not gel well with strangers initially, but after some time, they can get used to them; however, they would still not be trustworthy of strangers. This breed needs a lot of mental and physical activities to stay healthy and happy. They do not like small spaces and would not like living in an apartment in the city. They much prefer roaming spaces where they can run, play, and stroll around to their heart’s content. If properly cared for, they are also easy to train. Australian cattle dog is quite active and can be a true companion for one.

Australian Cattle breed information

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