Belgian Tervuren Dog breed information

Belgian Tervuren Dog breed information

Belgian Tervuren Dog breed was bred in the late 19th century in Belgian and is part of the Belgian sheepdog family. They are considered the most elegant of the lot and correctly so. Just like the other member of the Belgian sheepdog family, the Belgian Tervuren Dog breed was also bred for herding but can be trained to handle other activities; they are versatile that way.

Belgian Tervuren Dog profile shows them to be an intelligent and sensitive four-legged creature that would make for an excellent companion for a family. They like being close to humans and would demand constant companionship, which naturally makes them unsuitable to be left alone for a long time. One might be required to hire a dog walker or pet caretaker during their office hours. Hence, one is recommended only to adopt this dog if they have a young family.

They are also obedient, especially if they are getting plentiful exercise on a daily basis. They love to go on long walks and would even adapt to living in an apartment space quite easily. Although, they do love having a backyard and free space for them to run into.

Belgian Tervuren breed information

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