Australian Terrier Dog breed information

Australian Terrier Dog breed information

As evident by the name, the Australian Terrier Dog breed originated in Australia and was originally bred to hunt rodents and snakes. Yes, that’s what their original purpose was. They still retain some of their hunting tendencies which can be seen in their competitive nature. But in addition to that, the Australian Terrier Dog breed is also a wonderful companion. They are also used as Watch Dogs because of their intelligence and obedience. These dogs are delightful companions and would make for a fine addition as part of a family.

One Australian Terrier Dog breed information that every potential owner must know about them Is that they are low maintenance and would quickly adapt to an apartment. They also have the tendency to inform the owner if something is wrong, which naturally makes them pretty useful as guard dogs. These dogs also have a high energy level, which one has to take into consideration when opting for a pet. They need plenty of exercises; otherwise, they would get bored out of their mind. They are also pretty cautious of strangers, at least in their first meeting.

Australian Terrier breed information

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