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Shiba Inu dog breed information

The Shiba Inu is a small dog with a very strong aura and a well-muscled body. The fascinating Shiba Inu dog breed facts include them being considered one of the old Japanese dogs previously used for hunting. The Shiba is currently one of the most favorites and loved dogs in Japan. Their popularity comes from their spirited, friendly, and pleasant attitude.

Shiba Inu dog breed information is looked at by people all across the world as they are one of the most popular dog breeds. Shibas, who were only recently introduced to America via Japan 60 years ago, are rapidly becoming more popular in the West and are already the most beloved breed in their own country.

They resemble foxes in some ways due to their white markings, red, red sesame, or black and tan coloration, alert expression, and easy gait. They are strong, powerful canines with a brash, assured attitude to match. Shiba Inu dogs are quite small, but they are always very alert and agile. They outperform in hiking trails and mountainous terrain. Despite their warmth and faithfulness, Shiba Inus can be restless and easily agitated by young children.

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