Clumber Spaniel Dog Breed Information

Clumber Spaniel dog breed Information

The heavy bond and short legs are the identities of this breed. The Clumber Spaniel dog breed is an intelligent and pleasant dog. They are best friends and good housemates for families. These dogs are powerful bird dogs with heavy bones. This breed is a sweet but outdoorsy fellow. They also respond well to training. This dog also enjoys its activities at a relaxed pace. They are a cute furry friend with great enthusiasm. If you are looking for a sweet, intelligent, and pleasant dog, the Clumber Spaniel dog is a choice for you.
They have average height and they are loyal as well. They don’t like strangers but they never show aggression. Apart from this Clumber Spaniel dog information, they are the best companion for you at the home rather than watchdogs. They also don’t need a calm, confident, and firm owner. With a good memory, Clumber Spaniel does the things that please its owners. With an average height of 16 to 20 inches, these dogs also weigh 55 – 85 pounds. They may also experience some health issues such as dry eyes and flea allergies. They are usually not so active and can stay happily in a small yard.
Clumber Spaniel Breed Information

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