Beagle Dog breed information

Beagle Dog breed information

The Beagle dog breed is a small canine breed, which surprisingly is pretty active for its size. In fact, it is the very first thing many people notice about the Beagle dog breed. It is certainly their primary trait and their ability to get into mischief, especially if proper attention is not being given to them. They are a merry and fun-loving breed that would make for an excellent companion for young families that have hyperactive kids of their own and love a four-legged creature as their companion.

Some other major Beagle dog breed characteristics include their stubbornness which comes to the front from time to time. This certainly requires patient training techniques to keep them engaged. They can also track small animals, rabbits, and hares and would always be ready for the game. Because of their hyperactive behavior, they do require regular exercise. They love to go on walks and are of curious nature because of their higher than what can be considered average scent tracking abilities. The dogs from the Beagle dog breed are also pretty easy to groom, making them an excellent choice for pet owners with families.

Beagle breed information

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