Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Standard schnauzer Dog Breed Information

Standard Schnauzers were originally bred by German farmers as hunting, guarding, and all-purpose dogs. The standard schnauzer dog breed is the oldest of the three Schnauzer types, it has historically served German landowners and business owners as a guard and hunting dog. He is still proficient in all three roles today. 

He is also a fun friend and a respectable show dog. He is a medium-sized dog with a salt-and-pepper or solid-black rough, wiry coat. They are a great companion dog breed due to their adaptability, medium size, protective temperament, and generosity of spirit. The standard schnauzer dog Breed Information you should know is that dogs of this breed have a high level of intellect and vitality, despite the fact that the standard schnauzer dog breed may be a little obstinate and possessive.

Standard schnauzers require a good deal of physical activity. They need to go on hikes and exercise. Standards train superbly when handled with a firm yet compassionate touch. Owners need to give outlets for their dog’s enthusiastic athleticism and fully advanced reflexes. This breed could be right for you if you’re an expert dog parent searching for a protector and closest companion to accompany you on your travels!

Affenpinscher Dog.

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