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Sussex spaniel Dog Breed Information

The Sussex Spaniel dog breed was created in Sussex County, England, to chase birds into the sky for shooters, as it has a long and low body. In addition, the breeders made the dog noisier unlike many spaniels so that the hunters could locate it even if it fled into dense vegetation.

Sussex are long, low-built bird dogs with exceptional endurance and stamina, with a look that resembles a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a torpedo. Even though Sussex is only 15 inches tall at the shoulder, they are regarded as being “huge” with a wide chest and hefty bone. One of the most interesting Sussex spaniel Dog Breed Facts is that they have a reputation for being sluggish and passive, yet when they smell birds, they get active.

When among their family, Sussex spaniels tend to be charming and lively, however, know this Sussex spaniel Dog Breed Information that they might be a little leery of strangers. When their requirements for activity are addressed, they tend to be laid back at home.

They are excellent apartment pets and show their masters a lot of affection, but they don’t do as well when they are alone for extended periods of time.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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