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Lagotti Romagnoli Dog breed information

Lagotti Romagnoli Dog breed is certainly a breed that would catch anyone’s eye due to its unique appearance. This is a breed that is native to the Romagna province in Italy, hence the reasoning behind their name. Initially bred to hunt waterfowl in the wet marshland of the region, these dogs have slowly but surely made themselves a popular option when it comes to household companions over the years. Alternatively known as Italian Water Dogs, the Lagotti Romagnoli Dog breed is an excellent option that one can go.
Some other Lagotti Romagnoli Dog breed facts to note: It is a dog breed that has a higher-than-average sense of smell. They also have a habit of digging holes in the ground, something they would not hesitate to do given the first opportunity. This certainly makes them unsuitable for living in apartments. But it is something that can be navigated if the owner takes them on regular walks, possibly even multiple times a day. This is an easy-to-train, intelligent dog breed and a safe choice for family pets. You can choose Lagotti Romagnoli dogs as they are intelligent and can be a great companion.
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