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Manchester Terrier Dog breed information

Bred in the Manchester region of England, the Manchester Terrier Dog breed belongs to the long line of terrier dog breeds. These terriers were bred for ratting and rabbit coursing. This breed is also known as Gentleman’s Terrier because of its well-mannered nature. The Manchester Terrier Dog breed is an excellent option to consider for family dogs because of their playful, affectionate, and naturally well-mannered behavior. A vigorous dog with a strong personality, they would make for a fantastic addition to any home.
Some Manchester Terrier Dog breed facts: The dogs of this breed are highly loyal and make for an excellent watchdog. They also look somewhat similar to Doberman Pinscher, albeit with a bigger stature. They are also the adaptable sort and would easily adjust to living in an apartment. However, they do need plenty of exercise on a daily basis. This Manchester Terrier Dog breed easily reaches a height of 15 to 16 inches and weighs up to 5 to 10 kg. They also have a tendency to bark, which might pose some issues to owners living in small apartment spaces. If you are looking for a friendly pet, bring a Manchester Terrier dog home.
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