English Setter dog breed information

Bred as a hunting dog, something they still are used to this day, the English Setter dog breed has a unique reason behind the name. These dogs have a habit of setting or crouching low when they discover their target, which is used by the hunters as the signal to capture the birds. This is a practice that has gone out of fashion, but the name has stuck around for centuries. And while English Setter dogs are still used as hunting companions, they have also become part of the human family and can be found in many households.

The English Setter dogs are affectionate to their family members, including kids and any other pets that are part of the pack. However, one among the many English Setter dog breed facts that should be noted is their incompatibility to reside in an apartment. They would not do well in an enclosed space and would very much prefer a home with a backyard to run around. They also are pretty energetic and love to wander in open spaces. These dogs are family friendly and can be a reason for fun for kids.

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