Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Lakeland Terrier dog breed facts

If you are keenly focused on the unique appearance of the dog from this breed, especially the shape of the head, then you are not alone. This is certainly a breed that stands out without even needing to make an effort. Originally bred in England, their purpose was to hunt foxes that prey on sheep. So, in a way, they were guarding animals with hunting instincts added in the mix – something they do retain to this day. This is a feisty and confident breed that would make for an excellent companion in one’s household.
The Lakeland Terrier dog breed is affectionate to whom they consider family. They get along with both the adult members and kids of the family; the latter would surely enjoy the playful nature of the dogs from this breed. They also have a small stature which makes them ideal for apartment dwellings. However, they do possess a keen hunting instinct and would love to chase something they might consider prey. High fencing in the backyard is essential for this dog breed. These are crucial Lakeland Terrier dog breed information that everyone must know before adopting one.
Affenpinscher Dog.

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