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Portuguese water dog Breed Information

The Portuguese water dog’s roots are rather hazy given their almost 800-year history; genetic specialists believe poodles are the breed’s closest relative. Though one of the ancient Portuguese Water Dog Breed Facts is that it used to be part of fishing expeditions, finding misplaced equipment and stamping fish into nets.

A medium-sized working breed from Portugal, the Portuguese water dog, has huge ears, goatees, and fur that are hypersensitive and frizzy or flowing. They have a rigid, moderate layer of curly hair covering their sturdy, medium-sized body. In addition to their intellect, love for the water, and flippers feet, Portuguese water dogs still possess these traits that have made them so useful to owners.

The Portuguese water dogs could perform better with knowledgeable dog owners due to their intelligence and desire for work. These dogs are inherently athletic, and smooth swimmers are one of several Portuguese water dog Breed Information you should know. Because of this, you may go swimming or fishing with them too. The fluffy, vivacious Portuguese water dog may become your new best buddy whether you are searching for an exercise partner or a cuddly family dog.

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