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yorkshire terrier Dog Breed Information

The Yorkshire terrier was first bred in the year 1820 in Yorkshire, England. The breed is part of the terrier family, which also consists of other small breeds including the Pomeranian, Scottish terrier, Cavalier king charles spaniel, Welsh terriers and more. These dogs were originally bred to hunt rodents and other small game such as foxes at large estates for both sport as well as food.

The fact that all yorkshire terrier Dog Breed have a black coat with a white or cream center chest that fades down the body. They have wide faces with dark eyes and triangular ears that stand elevated on their head. A dog’s height can range from 8 inches at birth to as much as 24 inches for full grown adults! The top of their head should be at least one inch below their shoulder and they require daily exercise to keep them healthy and fit.

Please note this yorkshire terrier Dog Breed Information that with a healthy yorkie diet and plenty of exercise, you’ll have a happy and energetic friend for life. These are beloved, intelligent and loving dogs who will always make you smile. If they aren’t already your new family member, now is the time to adopt one!

Affenpinscher Dog.

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